About the Author

Just another 20something rabid sports fan throwing his hat into the ring of the blogosphere.  Always attempting to cut through the BS by looking at things through very cynical and skeptical glasses. Constantly trying to make a point, then using the facts to back it up, and am a firm believer that context & rationale are more like excuses for homers than actual truths.

The writing comes from straight out of Gotham, focusing mainly on the big apple teams. Don’t be alarmed when the occasional golf post comes to fruition.

For musings of a shorter order, check out my twitter @bnr1986.


One thought on “About the Author

  1. Neutral Zone

    I came across your site reading Knick’s musings, very good article. Would you ever consider writing for another sports site as well, it would only be for college and sports teams though. The site is intheneutralzone.com and it get’s around 100,000 hits per month and growing. It would be a good way to gain more exposure for your own sports blog as well. Let us know at intheneutralzone@yahoo.com


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