Opinion – Knicks Should Go After Louis Admundson

James White has impressed for the Knicks in spot minutes this year, but not enough to hold down a spot in the rotation. A legendary dunker, White should win this year’s contest, elevating his status and that of the Knicks to even greater heights. Unfortunately for White, that’s where his Knick career should end.

Simply put, this team has too many swingmen on it.  With Kidd no longer really a point guard, the Knicks have a plethora of healthy bodies who can play the “2” or the “3.”

Currently, they are totally devoid of a healthy body who can function as a center, which is why they should cut James White and offer Louis Admundson the prorated veterans minimum.

At 6’9, Amdundson has played both PF & C in the NBA, most notably for the Suns, Warriors and Pacers.

Admundson would be insurance should neither Wallace nor Camby get healthy. He has per 36 career averages of 10&10 and his career rebounding rate of 16.4% is very much in line with what Charles Oakley’s was over his last four seasons as a Knick.

Admundson has some playoff experience too. He’s appeared in 29 postseason contests, averaging 10 minutes per game.

Simply put, he’s more useful to the Knicks moving forward than James White is, and therefore should be pursued by the front office.



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